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Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas for Senior Walkers

Many seniors enjoy walking. It can be good for both the body and the mind, and it is important to stay active, even as you grow older. If you have a senior walker on your 2009 Christmas list, there are some special gifts that might be practical, useful and enjoyable to them. The following is a list of gift ideas for senior walkers.

Fanny pack – It can be difficult to carry all of the essential items when you are walking. You will want to keep things like your wallet, a cell phone, keys and other essentials but many people prefer not carry a purse or a bag while exercising. A fanny pack, or little bag that you wear around your waist on a built in belt, can be the perfect gift for a senior walker who wants to carry these items, but is not exactly sure where. These are fairly inexpensive gifts but they can be extremely useful. They make them in all different colors and styles. Most of them have some sort of zipper to protect your items from falling out. They are also usually adjustable so they will work with different sized people.

Thermos – Many people like to carry water with them as they walk, and this is especially important for s senior. They make many different types of thermoses, and this is in general an inexpensive gift. You could get them a nice insulated one that is meant to help keep the water or other liquid cooler for longer. They also sell some with straps so that they are easy to carry as the person is walking. In addition, they sell some that can also be used as weights during a workout when you fill them up – a unique and clever idea.

Hat – For seniors who walk during the day, it is important to shield themselves from the sun’s harmful rays. A nice wide-brimmed hat can help do this. The sun can cause a lot of damage, and a hat can protect your face and neck, and might also help you to see if it is very sunny out. Obviously there are many types of hats you can purchase for men and women. You can get anything from a baseball cap to a full sunhat. Just make sure that it is something that matches the style of your recipient. You may want to take them shopping and let them pick out the item themselves.