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Christmas 2007 Gift Ideas to Motivate the plus Size Woman to Exercise

“How to Motivate the Plus-Size Woman to Exercise Without Irritating Her To The Point Where You Will Be Banished From The Household” should be the title of this article! Please be sure your gifts are going to be well received, and remember, these gift suggestions are not for the faint of heart!

A monthly gym membership for two is a wonderful suggestion if money is no object to you. The knowledge that you are continuing to pay for the gift all year may provide motivation. If a friend, family member, or the gift giver is using the other membership, then a social aspect can be introduced as well. Exercise programs are typically more successful if some accountability is introduced, and the presence of a friend will motivate her to show up, even if she doesn’t feel like exercising.

If the gym memberships are too pricey, then perhaps the two of you could take an aerobics, spinning, or kickboxing class together. If you pitch it as a fun activity, you will be more likely to get a positive reacton. Select the class wisely, so the level of exertion is within the recipient’s ability level, or you won’t get a thank you note!

Current research is telling us that exercise is effective even if done in 10 minute increments throughout the day. It isn’t necessary to perform an entire 30 minutes in one, uninterrupted interval to gain health and weight loss benefits. Many exercise videos can be purchased that provide 10 minute interval training routines. Look for the10 Minute Solutions line for Pilates, Cardio and Weight Training, as well as The Firm: 5 Day Abs, to get her started.

If 10 minutes is too short you might consider the Richard Simmons Blast Off series as a wonderful alternative. The routines are easy to learn, the music’s awesome, and he films with a class that contains real people of various shapes and sizes. He also provides great encouragement and positive affirmations that will brighten the rest of her day!

You could also purchase cookbooks that contain healthy, low calorie recipes, or the latest exercise gear that promises to make exercise more efficient. I would check out the claims prior to purchase, to measure their actual effectiveness. Work out clothes are a nice option, just make sure they aren’t too large, or it could be construed as offensive!

If your motives are pure, and driven by health concerns or the recipient’s intended happiness, go ahead, purchase something, and wrap it up. Have a nice speech prepared about how much you care about her, and see what happens!