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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine has been praised as one of the oldest and most reliable forms of homeopathic treatments available in modern day. Ancient remedies are resurrected for everyday use from its elder practitioners and still seem to produce the same healing results as they have for centuries past.

The history of Chinese herbal medicine takes us back to China in the age of the Zhou Dynasty about 2500 years ago. What we know today as modern day Chinese medicine began as a way to rid the body of evil spirits thought to possess a soul in ancient China. Little did these fathers of modern day techniques know that they were laying the building blocks for herbal and homeopathic remedies that would be used for centuries to come.

As maladies became more sophisticated, the notions of possession and evil spirits faded into more logical lists of medical conditions. It was at this point, around 500 AD that the Divine Husbandman’s Classic of the Materia Medica was published. This book categorized herbs that had been used in years past, into three areas, which were those that nourished life, those that correct constitution and those which expel disease. It was at this point that herbal remedies were used in as much of a preventative capacity as well as a healing one, and began the expansion of knowledge of these new medical techniques.

Chinese herbal medicine history graduated from ancient China into the western world. Where many individuals first scoffed at herbal remedies in the late 1950’s, the 1960’s generation who felt more in tune with “mother earth” opened the pathway for these treatments for later generations. Suddenly acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies could be found in more and more stores around the country, and began to spread like wildfire.

Today, acupuncture is heralded by its users as one of the finest treatment methods for a wide variety of treatments. While there are many traditional physicians that contest its effectiveness and ability to treat maladies better than a placebo, the fact remains that more and more people continue to use and sing the praises of acupuncture and its successful treatment from everything to anti-aging, to back pain cures to smoking cessation. As our society becomes more educated about the dangers of over processed foods, and health conscious about what we put in our bodies it seems a natural progression to move towards medical treatment that is completely natural and without any type of processed or man-made ingredients.

Chinese medicine secrets continue to amaze us in their simplicity and effectiveness. The methods used to treat a variety of medical ailments continues to become more sophisticated, leaning many away from more traditional medications and high prices of physicians. It is a method of treatment that has survived the tests of time and continues to grow in use and popularity.