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Childrens Alternative Medicine

Should alternative medicine be used on children? Should it be used in place of doctors and prescribed medications? The ailments really dictate what types of medicines should be used. A variety of medicines, under a doctor’s care, is always an acceptable course of action. If the parent is doing more harm than good then, the doctor should step in and provide a different course of action.

Here are a few alternatives to medicine for children. Parents should always ask a doctor before giving these treatments to their children. Most of these can be used in an emergency until a doctor can be seen. Ask the doctor before an emergency occurs.

Alternative medicine for children:

Vitamins – Vitamins are good preventative medication for any age. Most children do not eat well balanced meals and do not get proper nutrition. To supplement the child’s diet a multi-vitamin may be added.

Warm Salt Sock – Ear Aches can be problems for children. A warm wash cloth may help, but in my experience, moisture brings on ear infections. Salt in a sock, heated in a microwave, comforts the ear as well as dries excess moisture in the ear. If a microwave salt sock is used, caution needs to be used when it comes out of the microwave. The sock will be too hot to put on the child’s ear. Wait until the child is able to touch it without burning themselves to give the sock to them.

Cold Wash Cloth – Wiping a cold wash cloth over a child can help reduce fever. A cold wash cloth can also soothe the child. If the child has sinus headaches the cold will make the headache dissipate. A cold wash cloth is also good for heat rashes.

Salt Water – A trip to the beach may be an excellent cure for SOME skin rashes. If your child has heat rash, diaper rash, or has a rash from getting something on their skin, salt water is a great cure.

My daughter usually does not have sensitive skin. I had cleaned her car seat with a different cleaner than normal and little bumps appeared all over her arms and legs. I noticed it was only where her skin touched the car seat. Luckily, we were driving down the coast line of Florida. We pulled off at a beach access and my daughter and I took a quick trip into the ocean. Her spots cleared up immediately. The rest of the ride she wanted to stop at every access to the water.

Desitin – Desitin is great for preventative health care on baby’s bottom, as well as treatment for diaper rash. If there is a rash that desitin does not help or cure, take your child to a doctor immediately.

My son was about three days old when I started treating a “diaper” rash on him. After 24 hours of desitin and more bumps on his little bottom I took him to the pediatrician to learn he had a staph infection. If a “diaper” rash gets worse when using desitin, the rash is usually more than a diaper rash.

Apple Juice – One of the best things a child can drink for constipation is apple juice. Both of my children used this on occasion for more than quenching their thirst. I highly recommend apple juice for constipation.

All these remedies have been used and are extremely helpful if you cannot get a doctor immediately. Childhood is full of diseases and with a little preparation you may be able to save time and money without going to a doctor. Remember to check with your doctor before using any home remedy during an emergency.