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Chicken Pox Herpes Failed Vaccines the Connection

Having myself had chicken pox back in the late 50s, and with my children getting chicken pox in the 90s, I can honestly say that for children between the ages of 4 and puberty the disease is not dangerous, and the antibodies built up by the proper disease is beneficial for life.

Vaccines on the other hand are not as safe, nor are they as effective as is believed.

A vaccine is a product, and I don’t know of any manufacturer which will say that every item it produces is guaranteed to be 100% effective and safe. It is rarely said in public but it is known that some people do have reactions to some drugs, and even vaccinations, and unless the person already has a disease and is going to die from it I would suggest they stay away from vaccinations if at all possible.

I accept that it is not always possible as some aspects of society, such as school and visiting foreign countries, demand that particular courses of medication and vaccinations are carried out before entry. In these instances it is important to consider whether it is worth the risk before committing to it, and acknowledging there may be adverse effects which could have an impact on the way life goes in the future. If the decision to have vaccinations is because it is required by law regardless of the circumstances then there is little that can be done and if anything goes wrong then the parent should feel no guilt. They had no choice. But where there is a choice I would suggest doing research first before commitment. After all if a child is healthy why endanger it by putting it through pain and possible problems in the future?

I once read an article which had been written in 1926 by a doctor who did not believe in vaccinations. The idea that a medical professional might disagree with what is now commonplace was a great surprise to me so I read it and learned his reasons. One of the main reasons was that all vaccines go into the body and affect the nerves. The myelin sheath is not fully developed in a person until they reach the age of around 21 – adulthood. Before that time the sheath is weak and is vulnerable to attack from toxins and rogue diseases. He recommended no vaccinations whatever until the sheath is fully formed.

I also learned there have been several studies done over the years throughout the world regarding the effectiveness of eliminating or at least reducing childhood diseases. It was discovered that the Sark (Polio) injection caused reactions in some people giving them polio, not preventing it, and Japan and other countries banned any vaccinations because they found that despite a 96% or more take up the disease was as prevalent as ever, so either the vaccines didn’t work, or the vaccines themselves were giving people polio.

Other vaccines have also been found to be ineffective in preventing diseases. So does vaccination work? More research is required.

The idea of giving children multi-disease injections also makes it harder to be sure the children are not being harmed by the vaccine. Dr Wakefield has been saying for some time that the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine is not safe and is giving some children autism and/or crohns disease. He is fighting the authorities but there are some people who can pinpoint exactly when their children were effected but they are not being interviewed or added to these studies. Could it be a cover up on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies and the politicians? I don’t know, but I have doubts but these would be dispelled if these parties would admit more publicly that vaccines can harm, and are not suitable for everyone! The fact they don’t makes me wonder just what is going on.