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Chamomile Stressanxietystomach Disorders Inflammation Skin Irritations Insomnia Herbs Tea

For many ages chamomile has been vastly regarded as a straightforward remedy for stress, anxiety, stomach and digestive disorders, inflammation, skin irritations, sunburn, sleeplessness and rheumatism. The daisy like flower’s relaxing and medicinal properties is applauded worldwide. A favored way to use chamomile is in a steam facial.


4 tablespoons dried chamomile flowers

2 cups of boiled water

Bowl (glass)

Cloth to cover head

You will find dried chamomile blossoms in natural or organic food stores, but it’s more fun and relaxing to dry your own. Steep 4 tablespoons of dried chamomile blossoms in a bowl with 2 cups of boiled water. You may add some fresh chamomile if you like. Use a glass bowl as a plastic one will absorb the herb and it cannot be re-used for other herbs or food. Inhale the rising steam for quite a few minutes, through mouth and nose with head covered with a cloth. Hold head directly over bowl for best results. Repeat as often as you desire. This steam facial is also good to help relieve cold symptoms.

Tired, strained eyes are relieved with chamomile compresses. In a cup steep sachets with boiled water and let cool. Press out extra liquid, rest back with feet up and lay sachets on closed eyes for about ten minutes.

To make sachets:

Cut gauze into 2 -inch squares with pinking shears. Place two squares together. Using thread backstitch three sides together. Carefully fill bag with dried chamomile blossoms making sure to not over stuff. Backstitch last side together and you’re done. (They also make great gifts for family and friends.)

To dry your own blossoms:

Take about 4 oz. of fresh chamomile flowers and gently wash. After washing tenderly, shake dry. Cut or pluck flower buds off the flower stems. Lay the buds on a towel to dry. Package in cellophane bag or decorative jars.

It is very easy to dry your own chamomile and keep stocked up on it. It’s great to add to hot tea for stomach problems or used in the steamed facial as described above. It is a wonderful gift to give with a few sachets and a small container of loose chamomile. Be sure to send a card explaining how they can use it. Chamomile is an amazing herb for the body outside and inside. If new to the use of chamomile, start out slowly to make sure of your reaction of it. Place in a cup of tea it is excellent for stomach irritations but it also is used for people affected with insomnia.