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Causes of Unintentional Weight Gain

Weight gain which is not intentional can be a real problem for some people. There are a certain number of medical problems which can bring this about, or medications taken. In this article, I’d like to sort out what some of these causes for weight gain might be.

One of the biggest causes for an unintentional weight gain is many times hypothyroidism. That means that your thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroxine in your body. Other than gaining weight very easily with this condition, you would have symptoms like a loss of hair, muscle pains, changes in your heart rate, feeling sluggish, and having issues with constipation. Another symptom of slow thyroid issues is the sensitivity you have to cold.

Another type of thyroid problem which can cause easy weight gain is known as Hashimoto’s Disease. This medical problem is more common to women that are about in their later 40’s or older. Other symptoms common to this disorder are dry skin, irregular periods, hair loss, fatigue, and the possible presence of a goiter which is an enlarged thyroid gland.

Heart failure can also cause someone to put on weight mostly due to a lot of fluid retention. When the heart doesn’t pump blood efficiently through the body as it should, there is a fluid build up which can cause extra weight. Other symptoms of heart failure are heart rhythms that are abnormal, loss of appetite, and feelings of indigestion from all of the fluid weight.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome known as PCOS is another problem in women which can cause easy weight gain. Other common symptoms of PCOS is also excess body hair, frequent acne, and a lot of irregularity of the mesntrual cycles. These women are also frequently infertile. What actually happens besides hormonal disorders in this condition, is the total failure to ovulate at all. The ovaries will form many multiple cysts with each missed cycle.

There is another problem that has similar symptoms to PCOS which is Cushings Syndrome or disease. This medical problem is caused by an excessive amount of cortisol in the blood either from coriticosteroid drug use, or simply because the body produces too much of this hormone from the adrenal glands. Other symptoms of Cushings are a round shaped face, high blood pressure, acne, missed periods, excess hair growth on face, and easy bruising of the skin.

Diabetic nephropathy is another cause for unwanted weight gain. In this case, the urine is usually foamy, you feel fatigued, and there is general weakness. You may also feel generally unwell, (malaise.) If you have had diabetes for a number of years, it can easily damage the kidneys if glucose is not under good control.

If you are having any symptoms of these conditions, it is best to contact your doctor soon and discuss your concerns.