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Causes of Sudden Depression in Teens

Depression: “Severe despondency and dejection, accompnied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy” this is the definition straight from Google, but who really understands it? What does it mean for the people affected by the disease?

Depression is a medically diagnosed disease that can be caused over a long period of time, or like so many cases we see each year, suddenly within teenagers. Our younger generation who were once so full of life and vibrancy, find it hard to put a smile on their face. With the epidemic spreading to more and more countries and engulfing more victims, we need to take a step back and we must ask ourselves WHY? Fad diets and cheap ineffective exercise companies have never had so much revenue. Teen suicide rates have never been so dangerously high. Youth groups have never received more calls than they have to this day…with all of these signs, there has to be a logical explanation!

It comes down to the media giants,and the pressure that comes with it. Television, magazines, radio, books, telecommunications and the Internet are the key giants in the way we see the world. As generation Y is the most technically advanced group, if effects them more. Materialistic items, weight issues, money woes, family issues, peer troubles, social awkwardness are all things that cause sudden depression in teenagers. Access and fuel to these issues, advertisements and talk becomes more and more available with iPhones, iPads, and the Internet, what was considered convenient, is in fact the most convenient way to make our teens feel worse about themselves, go figure it!

The biggest cause, is the thing that teens think make them feel better, their peers. Peers influence everything at this age. The teen brain is developing and it goes through stages, during adolescence the brain is sensitive to emotion and especially as this is when puberty occurs. With the flurry of different emotions, it’s hard for the adolescent to cope with added pressures, such as family life, self image, peer problems and money woes. Therefore making it that much easier to become depressed. Teens are proven to have a heightened period of sensitivity, therefore creating playing ground for depression to set it. Once depression occurs, it can be hard for the teen to see past it to anything positive, and sadly causes the end to so many precious lives. When all of these issues, typically seen in the average home come to life, depression occurs.

How can we fix this then? the causes simply must be reduced. We cannot help the human body, and puberty will always occur and cause many changes to the emotional balance of an individual. But we can be proactive about the way that we help our young. Support networks are a must and a consistent stable environment, for the combat of nasty depression cases in teens.