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Causes of Heartburn

A main symptom of acid reflux disease, also known as heartburn, is a burning sensation in the chest right near the heart in the middle of the chest. Acid reflux disease can also occur much higher up along the esophagus or throat. The longer you suffer from heartburn the more chance there is of it dissolving esophagus tissue and that can lead to a bleeding ulcer and severe pain.

Two more symptoms of acid reflux disease are bad breath and a consistent dry cough. As esophageal tissue is eaten away, scar tissue can form that can narrow the esophagus and that can make it difficult to swallow. If you have poor eating habit you can also develop acid reflux disease, but f you eat a healthy diet there’s a good chance you won’t suffer from heartburn. A healthy diet doesn’t mean a diet that makes you feel you have to deprive yourself of the foods you like.

We learn our eating habits from our parents. While we were growing up we watched how they ate, when they ate and what they ate and we tend to do the same thing. This is part of the reason the majority of people have poor eating habits. They eat too much of the wrong food, and don’t combine them with the right liquid. They also don’t help digest their food by taking enzymes.

When you eat more than you should have at a certain meal, make certain that you don’t bend over, or lift anything heavy or lie down because if you do the symptoms of heartburn are bound to get worse. The symptoms are usually worse after dinner, and not lunch or breakfast. There are occasions when the burning sensation is so severe it can feel like you’re having a heart attack, and if the discomfort is that bad you need to make sure you aren’t having an attack and see a doctor. In the early stages of this symptom there isn’t any danger to the esophageal tissue.

Another symptom of heartburn is laryngitis, though it is not as common as the ones previously mentioned. In the morning your throat may either be hoarse or you may have a dry cough and have to clear your throat repeatedly. At times you will also have problems swallowing and have the feeling that food is trapped in your esophagus and upper chest. The scary part of this symptom is that it will make you feel like your choking. Two more symptoms of heartburn is coughing and nausea which at its worse can cause you to vomit regularly.

Parents need to watch children who have symptoms of acid reflux disease carefully. Some of those symptoms may include regularly coughing, vomiting or other respiratory issues. Although most children outgrow this condition, it’s still important to watch them closely and take them to the doctor if the symptoms are frequent.

Some people only have the burning sensation in the chest, coughing and hoarseness, but have never vomited or suffered from any severe chest pain. For others the chest pain is real as is frequent nausea and vomiting. Whatever your symptoms are if they persist for more than two weeks and are severe, then you should see the doctor.