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Causes of Bartholin Abscesses

What are the bartholin glands?

Bartholin glands are paired structures which lie on either side of the entrance to the vagina and are not more than the size of a pea in its normal state. The gland cannot be felt in a normal women and it lies buried inside the labial tissues.

What does it do?

The glands produce a small amount of secretions that will be secreted to the lower part of the vagina which will help in keeping the area moist. The secretions made in the glands will get transported to the lower portion of the vagina through a duct system known as the ‘bartholins ducts’.

What is a bartholin cyst?

In certain instances, about 1 in 50 women can develop a condition known as a bartholins cyst which will be a collection of fluids in the bartholin gland due to an obstruction in the secreting duct. The woman might notice a small lump at the beginning and will see a gradual enlargement to even up to the size of a golf ball.

How does it affect the activities of daily living?

In most instances, these will disappear spontaneously and apart from the noticeable size, it may not cause any symptom at all. But, in certain instances, the distention can give rise to a moderate to severe pain and would restrict the woman from continuing her daily activities.

How does sluts become blocked?

When considering what makes the bartholin ducts to become blocked, it is widely believed that an overgrowing of a skin would be the main reason. Apart from this, a direct blockage can also take place following an infection which might be the same causative element for the developing batholins abscess.

What are the organisms that can lead to a ‘bartholin abscess’?

When certain women develop a bartholin cyst, it can become complicated by an organism which enters the cyst fluid. These organisms are usually colonizing in the region of the bartholin cyst and most commonly belongs to the staphylococcus or E coli.

Apart from this, a sexually transmitted infection can also lead to infected bartholin cysts and once this complication sets in, the swelling is now known as a ‘bartholins abscess’.

What makes a person develop a batholin abscess?

The scientists are yet to find a specific cause for the development of a bartholin abscess and what they believe is that, the condition depends on the patient factors such as immunity and the hygiene, virulence of the organism, being in the reproductive age group as well as certain medical conditions such as diabetes and sexually transmitted infections.