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Causes of Arthritis Pain in Feet

With over 100 types of arthritis affecting any of our 360 joints, it is no surprise that arthritis may affect somebody’s feet. Bearing our weight almost all day and taking us just about everywhere we wish, we often tend to take our feet for granted and notice them only when some sort of problem starts affecting them.

Arthritis pain in feet can be a very big nuisance since our feet are so closely related with movement and getting around. When arthritis strikes our feet we will know it surely enough as the pain will cause walking to become difficult and painful, in some instances even unbearable.

Identifying possible causes of arthritis pain in the feet may work well in preventing this debilitating condition from occurring.


-Normal wear and tear (osteoarthritis). This is the type of foot arthritis associated with old age and is due to the thinning of the protective layer of cartilage that absorbs shocks and protects the bones from scraping against each other. One of the most common victims is the big toe because of its major role in walking and balancing.

– This form of arthritis is a systemic disease that basically affects the whole body and therefore the foot is among its victims. People with rheumatoid arthritis exhibit typical toes that are curved back and often with bunions.

-Arched feet, flat feed and other deformities. These conditions cause feet to be more vulnerable and therefore susceptible to arthritis.

– From exercise related injuries,to fractures caused by accidents such as a garage door slamming against a toe, injuries will make the foot joints more likely to develop arthritis pain.

– The excess weight puts major sprain on our weight bearing feet. It is not unusual therefore, that obese people suffer from arthritis pain in their feet. A good diet along with a good exercise regimen recommended by a doctor may help manage the pain and make it more bearable.

– High heels along with those pointed shoes that seem so popular nowadays are common culprits of foot arthritis. Invest in a good pair of box toed shoes or better have a podologist custom make a pair for you.

Taking good care of your feet is crucial in preventing foot arthritis. Disregard all the fashion styles that do not care about wellbeing and focus on staying comfortable instead. Your feet will thank you in the long run and you may be able to escape the painful condition of foot arthritis.