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Helping Kids with Eyeglasses

“Mom, some kid called me four-eyes today!” said an 8-year-old boy to his mom as she picked him up from school. Actually, it was more like a scream with tears streaming down as the boy came running to his mom. A lot of children and teenagers face this problem. The …

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Know your Eye Care Professionals

I thought that I would offer a little advise to those of you who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. The next time that you go into an optical store to make a purchase, ask the person that is selling you the eye-wear what type of training and certification they have. …

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Dry Eye Syndrome Symptoms and Treatment

Dry eye syndrome, also known as Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca Syndrome, is the lack of tears being produced by lacrimal gland and the accessory lacrimal glands. About 50% of tears are lost by evaporation. The rest are carried away and drained into the upper and lower tear ducts. Dry eye syndrome can …

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Eye Strain Symptoms

Symptoms of eye strain are indicators that your eyeballs are getting tired and they need to be rested. Ignoring eye strain symptoms could lead to vision problems that can greatly affect your life. Do you know that there are easy ways to relieve eye strain? These methods are called eye …

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Iritis Symptoms and Treatments

Iritis is an inflammation and infection of the iris. The iris is the part of the eye that gives the eye it’s color. Iritis is generally broken in to two major categories; acute and chronic. Acute iritis is an inflammation that has only been present for a short time. In …

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Eyeglass Repair Kits

Eye care centers and optometrist offices take pride in providing outstanding customer service. Eyeglasses, though a necessity for many people, are a considerable expense for working families. Eye care providers that sell eyeglasses are anxious to obtain the eyeglass user’s return business when the time comes for a new eyewear …

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