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Bronchiolitis Symptoms and Treatment

Bronchiolitis is an inflammation of the bronchioles of the lungs. The bronchioles are the smallest branches of the respiratory airways – separating the larger bronchial tubes from the very small air sacs were oxygen is fed into your bloodstream. Bronchiolitis is is typically only seen in infants and small children. …

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Toxic Toys the Unseen Dangers to Children

Play has often been referred to as a child’s work, and his toys his tools. Possessing the ability to teach him/her to investigate, observe, reason, remember, build, and coordinate, one should never underestimate the value of the right toy. However, due to past and even more recent studies, something as …

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Breast changes during Puberty in Teenagers

Adolescence is a time of incredible change, the passage from childhood in to adulthood. This is the time period in which teens begin puberty. Puberty specifically refers to the physiologic changes that prepare a teenager’s body for reproduction. It is common for teenagers to worry that the physical changes occurring …

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Common Fall School Sport Injuries

Is it bad? Can I still play tomorrow? This is usually the statement heard by all adults after sports related injury to a child occurs. Unfortunately the answer is often devastating that moment and forgotten in a week when the injury has faded. The most common sports injuries fall into …

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