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Factors that Influence Onset of Puberty

What is puberty? Puberty is a the process in which a child gains secondary sexual characteristics related to body structure, functioning , chemical interactions, reproduction…etc and would occur during a period of time which would overlap with the period of adolescence. In girls, the puberty would take place at an …

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Home Remedies for Head Lice

Summer is over, school has begun and so has the head Lice hunting season. Your kids come running in scratching their heads and you already fear the worst. And yep the infamous lice family chose your kid’s head to build themselves a new, comfortable, warm home. But this time they …

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Infant Congestion

A stuffy nose can make for a very unhappy baby. Besides disruption of sleeping and eating patterns, nasal congestion in an infant can also lead to ear infection, serious breathing conditions or in some cases, death. While most cases of infant nasal congestion are mild and produce only minor irritation …

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Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome

Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome is marked by indications of overgrowth in newborns and young children; it occurs in approximately one in every fifteen-thousand births. This syndrome was named for Dr. J. Bruce Beckwith, an American pediatric pathologist and Dr. H.E. Wiedemann, a German geneticist. These two medical professionals first recognized this condition as a stand-alone …

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Administeirng Medications

There are a few tips to giving medication to infants that can help ensure it is properly administered and effective. A great amount of the time infants can be reluctant to take medications, but there are also ways to help encourage little ones to get it down. First of all …

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