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What is Ebsteins Anomaly

Ebstein’s Anomaly is a heart defect that is not very common. It is the tricuspid valve of the heart, which is the valve on the heart’s right side, in between the chambers that is affected. Instead of the blood flowing as it should, it leaks right back out of the …

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Smallpox Biological Vaccination

Smallpox has plagued the human race for thousands of years. This variola virus, in its most common form, has a 30% mortality rate. The rarer, but far more deadly, strain is almost always fatal. Thanks to the invention of the vaccine, smallpox has been eradicated from all populations in the …

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How to take a Babys Temperature

There are a few ways you can use to take your baby’s temperature. Doctors recommend taking your baby’s temperature even when they are not sick a few times to find out what your child’s normal temperature is because it is not exactly the same for all children. Old fashioned glass …

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Children School and School Required Vaccinations

Children, School and School-required Vaccinations Have your school age children been vaccinated yet? Just before the school year begins, pediatric nurses and other registered nurses, employed by pediatricians and family physician’s offices, are deluged with school age children in need of school-required vaccinations. In the western world, the majority of …

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Nature and Childhood

A small dark figure floating effortlessly on the breeze high above the trees off in the distance. I watched day after day as the hawk just floated up there. I would position my place at the table as to him out the window. I can remember getting smacked on the …

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