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A Personal Decision

The decision to vaccinate a child is an important choice facing parents, in particular is the risk of side effects, as well as questions surrounding newly marketed vaccines. The so-called cervical cancer vaccine was initially available from Merck, marketed as Gardasil (FDA approval in 2006). Many questions surrounded the new …

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How to Promote Children Vaccinations

The new “buzz” seems to be the vaccine, Guardasil, that doctors are suggesting young women receive to prevent the HPV virus. I posed the questions to my friends who have girls whose doctors recommended this vaccine: “Did you ask about the side-effects long and short-term”? “Did you ask about the …

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Treating Colds in Children

Colds are normal children with still developing immune systems will get plenty of them. Therefore it’s best not to rush in with treatment, especially if the cold is mild. Give them plenty of tender lolving care, lots of water and let the cold run its course. That is the first tip; the second is don’t insist …

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Factors that Affect Concentration in Children

Concentration in children is a product of many different influences. Knowing these factors may help you to increase the concentration that your child or student has. Consider the following points. Physical well-being Some children have difficulty concentrating if they are not physical well. Of course if they have some sort …

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Infant Allergies

Milk is one of the most common allergic foods for children; about 2% to 3% of children under 3 are allergic to one of the proteins contained in cow’s milk: Casey and Whey; although most of them outgrow it after that age. In addition, children that are allergic to cow’s …

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Symptoms of Diabetes in Children

Diabetes is a serious illness that happens when the body does not produce enough insulin, or in some cases does not make insulin at all. Insulin is a necessary hormone, which the body needs to convert sugar into a necessary energy, in order for the body to function properly. Children …

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