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Overweight Children

Present-day American children are unfortunate. They have been born into a world that seems to be working against them in every way possible to keep them overweight and unhealthy. We, and they, are going to need to make a supreme effort to overcome their disadvantages. Those of you who, now, …

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Causes for Knee Pain in Children

Knee pain is a common problem in children as the ligaments, the muscles as well as the joint surfaces are not developed adequately and allows more than the usual range of motions to take place during high impact activities. This can lead to painful incidences related to the knee and …

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Nasal Congestion Relief

Although mostly an annoyance, a nasal congestion could also lead to more serious problems. Nasal congestion, generally known as a stuffy or stuffed up nose is when the nasal passages become blocked; the blood vessels that lie in the nose get inflamed making the membranes to get swollen. The most …

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Identification of Baby Rashes

All rashes have one thing in common, they are red and they are irritating and they are hard to distinguish. Each have their distinguishing marks. Parents will want to know the cause. Is it the formula, their first foods, or are they coming down with some disease, roseola, chicken pox, or an …

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Anemia in Children

Anemia in children and adults occurs when there isn’t enough hemoglobin in the body. Hemoglobin is a protein inside of red blood cells that gives them their red color. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the body tissues. Doctors usually diagnose anemia by taking routine blood tests. The most common …

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