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How to get a Child to Eat Vegetables

“I don’t like beans or peas or broccoli or asparagus or (insert tonight’s vegetable here).” Is this typical dinner conversation at your house? Is cauliflower a four-letter word? Well there are ways to get your children to eat those vegetables. The following tips may help make supper more enjoyable, and …

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Children Nutrition

Changes in individuals lifestyles and behaviors can lead to improvement in health. Children and adults can learn to develop and maintain their attitudes, and habits to the right choices to promote good health. This includes eating a balanced meal,exercise regularly and seeking treatment for illness and injury. Early years is …

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Healthy Pizza Eating – Healthy

“Is pizza healthy?” is a bit of a silly question. Any meal is only as healthy as the ingredients which go into it and only if eaten in sensible quantities needed by the body. Pizza, being near enough the Italian, and flattened, version of a sandwich or filled baguette, certainly …

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The Ease of Creating Summer Salads

Salads are healthy and nutritious and can also add color to the appearance and presentation of your table. They can add pizzazz to commonplace staples. Many folks enjoy salads and will often eat them topped with baked chicken or shrimp or other meats. Additionally, the number of calories in most …

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Diets that Add Muscle Mass

Whether you want to have that great beach body or that intimidating body builder look, eating right will help you achieve your goal. You need to eat healthier foods that give you energy and the right nutrients; three meals a day and a good night of sleep. Let us start with …

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Food and Nutrition before Consumerism 1950s

In the early 1950’s, before the age of consumerism, food and nutrition policies were simple. Students were taught how to buy, prepare and plan nutritious weekly menus for their families. What those young future homemakers learned was very similar to their mother’s food and household management practices. Home Economics was …

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