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Best Foods to Lower Cholesterol

There are a number of foods that are good to eat for those wanting to lower their cholesterol levels. Major dietary changes are not always needed and a simple switch in meal choices, emphasising particular health smart ingredients, can help greatly. Some of the best food choices are: Whole grains, …

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Nutrients Found in Peanuts

When we hear of peanuts, we think of the delightful peanut butter, salted peanuts roasted-in oil, stale peanuts we always get in economy class flights or peanut allergies. Besides satisfying our cravings by eating their butter or munching the nuts, peanuts have numerous uses and packed with 30 vital nutrients …

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Nutritional value of Gooseberries Ribes Genus

The Ribes genus shrub is found in the northern hemisphere and more than 150 species are currently in existence. Currants and gooseberries grow from these plants and although the fruits are closely related, they are easy to define because only the gooseberries have thorns. European and North American gooseberries grow …

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Nutrition Bars

With the obesity epidemic mounting to be ever-more prevalent, more and more health-conscious and panic-stricken individuals are finding reassurance in the advertisements of marketers. So many nutritional bars are on the market; all essentially convincing the public of the same “promise”- THIS will make you be whatever you what to …

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How Onions Benefit Health

For hundreds of years, humans have been using onions for their medicinal values. Moms and Grandmas have been feeding their children onions to treat a wide variety of ailments from colds and coughs to asthma. Onions are full of vitamins and minerals that the human body needs to stay healthy …

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