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Healthy Holiday Eating

HOLIDAY TIME! HURRY HIDE THE SCALE! Okay, so maybe it’s not that dramatic, but you get the point. During the holidays we tend to get a little too carefree and merry. You know the type of carefree where, you had 3 plates of a food and still go back for …

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Delirium Vitamins

Is there really any possible connection between delirium and vitamins? According to the Audio Digest Foundation of Psychiatry, December 7th 2010 issue, there appears to be a very strong connection as this condition involves somewhere between 6 and 12 of your neurotransmitter systems that affect your brain functions. This is …

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Christmas Avoid Overeating

If Christmas is a time for family, fun, sharing old photos, and re-connecting with old friends and relatives, the price of socialization is often gluttony. Think through your priorities. Do you really care if you go off your perpetual diet for one day, or is it a big thing to …

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Advantages of Sage Tea

Sage is a valuable addition to every garden, it’s uses are to numerous to mention all. Besides being a wonderful spice to use in almost any recipe, it also has many medicinal purposes as well. Sage tea is an essential tonic for women who suffer from the mood swings and …

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The Health Benefits of Eating Kale

Kale is a member of the cabbage family and there are many health benefits to eating this wonderful vegetable. It looks a lot like collard greens, except for the curly leaves. All varieties of kale are edible and nutritious, but the types of kale that form leafy yellow, red, and …

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Why your Body needs Vitamin k

Your body needs vitamin K in order for the bones to be healthy and the blood to clot properly. It helps the liver stay healthy and may even be useful in preventing certain types of cancer. Your body can store small amounts of Vitamin K in the liver, heart, skin, muscles, and …

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