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Does Alcohol Make you Fat

As a former binge drinker of alcohol, it can safely be said that alcohol does make a person gain fat. Sugar, while it can be metabolized by the body and is normally used as energy right away, can trigger cravings for things such as food. It is not uncommon for …

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Sources of Zinc

Zinc is an essential nutrient found throughout the body and helps keep the body armed to be able to fight and protect against diseases. Zinc is also important as it helps in making DNA and protein which are essential materials in cells. Additionally, zinc helps in wound healing process and …

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Eating right to Sleep well

Insomnia and sleeping problems can have many causes but diet can certainly affect sleep. Diets rich in sugar, food additives and salt can have a negative effect on sleep patterns. Eating at the right time is also important but overall the effects of certain foods can cause insomnia and other …

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Does Eating Cooked Tomatoes Lower Cholesterol

The humble tomato has already acquired the status of ‘superfood’. However, it could soon be elevated to greater heights. For according to new scientific research, cooked tomatoes may prove to be as effective as prescribed medication for treating high cholesterol and blood pressure. The research, conducted by Dr Karin Ried …

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What are some Health Benefits of Chocolate

Antioxidant: Chocolate contains flavonoids, which are a type of flavonol. What are flavonols, you might ask? Flavonals are natural compounds found in plants, and these compounds help the plants to fight off toxins and to heal themselves. Guess what? Eating lots of food with flavonols transfers those benefits to you. …

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