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Folic Acid Health Benefits

Folic acid, also folate acid, is among water-soluble B vitamins whose main purpose is to synthesis DNA and RNA. It is important in the body as it also helps protect it against megaloblastic anemia caused by blast cells (large and immature red blood cells). Also among functions of folic acid …

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Basics of a Vegan Diet

People are drawn to veganism for many different reasons, including health, environmental, or ethical concerns. Success as a vegan, however, depends upon a clear understanding of veganism. Strictly speaking, true veganism is not simply a diet, but an all-encompassing lifestyle driven by ethical concerns. The idea of veganism was conceived …

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Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are the newest rage on the health food and vitamins market. The problem is, dietary supplements are neither food nor vitamins, and they also are not medication. As such, dietary supplements are not controlled by the Food and Drug Administration and are usually not tested for efficacy, absorption, …

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What are Sugar Alcohols

Sugar alcohols are a class of chemicals that are derived from plants. They are commonly used in low-fat or low-calorie foods as a way to reduce the overall calorie count of the food. Sugar alcohols are the middle ground chemical between pure sugars like sucrose which have a sweet taste and …

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