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Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Did you know that almond milk is extracted from almonds? Of course you know! This extract is beneficial for those with lactose allergies. Almond milk can be consumed through drinking and also used in food preparations. In the early ages, almond milk was used in Medieval Europe and the Middle …

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Foods that Build Muscles

Most people struggle to build muscles as well as lose excess fat in the body. This can simply be done by eating good proteins and carbohydrates, vegetables and healthy fats. Proteins are building blocks for muscles and general body growth. For this reason, eating adequate amounts of protein will help …

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Healthy Olive Oil Ideas

Creating low fat dishes for your family can be a challenge. Many recipes require some sort of fat for flavor or to prevent sticking. Choosing the right fat is an important first step to creating healthy, delicious meals. Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats, which means that it is …

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How to Gain Weight the Healthy way

Seeking to gain weight usually implies that one is underweight as a result of a medical condition. Whether caused by anemia, an eating disorder, a metabolic disorder, drug abuse, depression, side effects of medical treatment, or chronic disease, it is important that you receive professional medical counsel and support to …

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Causes of Hypernatremia

Hypernatremia is a disorder of sodium balance, in which the extracellular and blood plasma concentration of sodium ions is higher than normal. Sodium ions concentration is normally higher in the extracellular space and blood plasma than its concentration inside the cell. This is so due to the existence of pumps …

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How do zinc tablets help you?

Zinc is a trace mineral that is quite vital to your health. Every cell of your body uses zinc in some way. Without it you don’t absorb most nutrients. Its deficiency can result in a host of health problems including decreased immune function and less immunity to viruses and the …

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