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Food Pyramid Mypyramid

The United States government’s Food Pyramid has traditionally been known for giving people a visual tool to assist in eating a healthy, well balanced diet. Freshened up and infused with technology, the good old pyramid is now known as MyPyramid.gov, and is accompanied by an interactive website designed to help …

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Healthy Cooking Tips

What you eat plays an important role in maintaining good health. You’ve already cut fast food and junk food out of your diet. But there are healthy foods that can lose their nutritional value if not properly prepared or drowned in salty sauces. When preparing chicken, fish, or beef, do …

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How to have a Healthy Breakfast

Remember the good old days when Moms cooked big, old fashioned breakfasts for the entire family, because they had the time, and they were stay at home Moms? Everybody got a great, if not fat -laden start to the day. Everyone in the family felt better for having eaten a …

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Gluten Free Food Items

Gluten free foods are recommended for patients suffering from gluten enteropathy (a heredity malabsorption disorder). It is also referred to as celiac disease. It is an inherited disorder where the intestinal lining is inflamed in response to the ingestion of a protein known as gluten. Gluten is present in many …

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Foods that seem Healthy but are not

Not every food is tolerated by everyone. Nuts are good healthy foods, but many are allergic to them; for these people nuts are an unhealthy food. The same goes for foods that interact with medicine, as do many foods. Grapefruits are not tolerated by everyone. And too, deception lurks down …

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