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Who should take Calcium Supplements

Just about everyone these days should be taking calcium supplements it seems, but who should really be taking them? Well, lets eliminate the obvious first. People who suffer from lactose intolerance or on casein free diets, the elderly whose bones become brittler with age anyone who consumes excessive amounts of …

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Avocado Healthy Aging

Gooey, green, goodness begins with an A… for avocado. I love the odd looking veggies and now I hear, that they are just what my aging body needs. Yes I’ve read the assorted studies that publicize what I have is a need for more anti-oxidants, which supposedly filter out what …

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Healthful Alternatives to Butter

Fats are essential to good health and the enjoyment of the food we eat. Animal fats contribute familiar and pleasuring textures and flavors, but with results that are detrimental to good health. Fats from sources other than animals present positive effects and are ito be included in our diets whenever …

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The Benefits of Eating Oily Fish

If you want to live a longer, healthier and happier life, you should probably eat more oily fish. The reason is omega-3 fatty acids. What are omega-3 fatty acids? In order for the body to function correctly it needs fatty acids, most of which it can produce itself. It is …

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Sources of Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6, also pyridoxine, is a water-soluble vitamin falling under the eight B vitamins. Being a water-soluble vitamin, it is not retained in the body for a long period of time. This implies that individuals should ensure their diets contain substantial amounts of vitamin B6 to prevent certain diseases and …

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Diet Soft Drinks and Strokes

Standing in line at a fast food counter can present some ridiculous scenarios. Attendant: “Take your order?” Customer: “Why yes. I’ll have two, double-meat, double bacon, double cheeseburgers with double mayo, one of your giant baskets of French fries and a diet soda. I’m cutting back on the sugar.” This …

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