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What do Clinical Registered Dietitians do

To explain the function of a clinical registered dietitian, one must first know what is a registered dietitian. According to the American Dietetics Association (a dietitian’s professional organization) a registered dietitian (RD) are food and nutrition experts who have earned the RD credential through education, a supervised practice program, pass …

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Heathier Eating Grocery Store

When it comes to grocery shopping, most of us trail down the isles in search for the items we need, or at least we think we need. It is monotonous and we can only think of getting in and getting out. Grocery stores are limitless when it comes to purchasing …

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Fasting for Healthy Digestive System

Fasting helps keep the digestive system healthy if done with the right attitude. There is a difference between fasting and starvation; when you fast, your mind is focused outside of your desires in order to achieve a deeper spiritual level. When you are without food or drink for reasons outside …

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Is Nutrition Linked to Behavior in Kids

Nutritious food is necessary for overall well being of kids. Lack of nutritious food will definitely have a negative impact on their mental well being. Kids having nutritious food are more likely to show interest in learning. Research results have proved that kids who ate healthy breakfast regularly were more likely …

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Genital Herpes Vitamins Minerals

Although genital herpes still has no known cure, is it possible that vitamins and minerals can help with this disease? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. They still will not provide a cure, but there is mounting evidence that they can provide assistance in helping sores heal …

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Nutrional Benefits of Beets

Beets may not be at the top of your list of favorite foods, but you may want to reconsider because this vegetable is a great source of many vitamins and nutrients vital to your good health. Beets are in the same family as Swiss chard and spinach, and are purple-red …

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