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Functions of Vitamin d

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin whose purpose is to aid in calcium absorption. Being a fat-soluble vitamin, the vitamin is stored in fatty tissues. Besides calcium absorption, Vitamin D helps in regulating the amount of phosphorus in the blood. Functions of Vitamin D Preventing and treating bone related diseases …

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How to Stop Unhealthy Snacking

The whole concept of snacking between meals is a relatively new one in the scheme of things, only really catching on in the last half of the twentieth century. Prior to that people ate a more balanced diet of three meals a day, with the upper classes throwing in some …

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Essential Amino Acids Training Workout Muscle Exercise

Essential Amino Acids explained and how supplement can maximize the result from resistance-training. What is EAA? – EAA stands for Essential Amino Acids. The essential amino acids are: phenylalanine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan and valine (arginine and histidine are essential for children). Essential means vital, and the body …

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White Bread Versus White Bread

Bread has been a basic food staple since before recorded history. It’s origins go back to Mesopotamia and Egypt where wheat was most likely chewed and eaten, until it was discovered that it could be crushed and pulverized into a paste and set over a fire that turned it into …

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What are the Health Benefits of Flaxseed

With health benefits ranging from fighting heart disease to certain types of cancer, flaxseed is fast becoming the newest wonder food. The History of Flaxseed Purportedly, the oldest textile fiber used by humans was flax evidenced by 10,000 year old Turkish excavations and other architectural finds. The medicinal use of …

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Nutrition in Collard Greens

Collards greens, that long time staple of southern cooking, is beginning to expand its range and acceptance into northern kitchens as well, and the taste and versatility of this slow cooked treat is only one of the reasons that this is happening. It turns out that the broad, fleshy leaves …

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