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Factors that Affect Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential for overall health and fitness. but it isn’t just a case of eating a varied, healthy diet – although of course, that is important. Several factors – internal and external – can affect nutrition. Knowing about these factors can help you live a healthy life. Here …

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Calorie Reduction Extends Life

Science has known for some time that a calorie restricted diet will tend to add years to the life span. Laboratory research conducted with mice and dogs dating back to the 1930’s demonstrated life extension by as much as 40%. While scientists knew this to be true based on empirical …

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Becoming a Vegetarian

Adopting a vegetarian diet is beneficial for yourself and others. Choosing to become a vegetarian gets easier every day. There is now a multitude of meatless products available at the grocery store. For reasons to consider this lifestyle change see my list below. 1. Health- Health is the number one …

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Aspartamesweet Poisonfda Controversy – Yes

Aspartame/Phenylketonurics – Sweet Poison – The Federal Drug Authority (FDA) Controversy Formaldehyde, know what that is? You may drink it often. It’s used in embalming. That’s one of the three poisons in artificial sweeteners, it’s not written on the FDA harmful effects list. Why is it not listed on the …

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Best Sources of Healthful Proteins

Essentially every organ, muscle tissue, and even each strand of hair is made up of proteins. Some of our hormones are even devised of proteins. Effecting the development of antibodies and blood, proteins effect every fiber of our being. Without sufficient protein, our bodies suffer from malnutrition, growth failure, heart …

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Calculating Calories and Nutrients for you

Thank goodness for all those food labels, the lists on nearly every bottle, box and jar in the supermarket, detailing the item’s ingredients and nutritional content. By reading these labels, consumers gain tremendous information about their diets. However, the data on these labels are by necessity calculated to suit a …

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