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How to Teach your Kids to Eat Vegetables

Parents want what is best for their children and this includes them having a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet. One problem that parents face in achieving this is getting their children to eat vegetables. Vegetables play an essential role in providing the body with all the vitamins and nutrients that …

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Garlic Benefits of Garlic Garlic Supplements

Cultures as far back in history as the ancient Egyptians and early Chinese have touted garlic for its perceived healing properties and overall health benefits. Only recently have scientists and medical researchers begun studying exactly what benefits garlic offers and the potential diseases it may cure. Cardiovascular Health During the …

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How do Calories help Build Muscles

The technical definition of a calorie is the amount of energy required to raise a specific amount of water (1.0 milliliter, to be precise) by a 1.0 degree Celsius. To most people, this is nerdy science talk that is best left to people wearing white lab coats who have committed …

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Eating Healthy Mexican

Mexican food is delicious and one of your favorites. But is it good for your diet? Well, the answer to that question depends on several factors: the actual dish that you eat, the portion size and the frequency you indulge. Do you find that going to a Mexican restaurant means …

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About Vitamin a

In order to tell you what vitamin A is, I have to explain what a vitamin is. Vitamins are chemicals that the body needs in order to process foods, keep energy – pretty much all life process. Vitamin deficiencies can result in diseases and/or other, not-so-normal conditions. However, vitamins are …

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Faster Ways to Put on Weight

There is only one way to put on weight: you have to consume more calories than you burn. It sounds simple, but there are many factors that dictate how many calories a person burns, such as age, weight, amount of lean body tissue (muscle), gender, activity level, genetics, hormones, and …

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