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Why too much Vitamin d is Unhealthy

Although Vitamin D does play multiple roles in supporting bone health, muscle function, and nerve and joint health as well as regulating the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus, it does has its own disadvantages too. In fact, all these tasks performed by Vitamin D are not possible if …

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Understanding Diabetes

A Look at Diabetes Diabetes is a disease that results from the body’s inability to produce, or utilize, insulin properly. Insulin is the hormone responsible for converting carbohydrates like sugars and starches into useable energy (glucose), and allowing it to enter body cells efficiently. If diabetes is not treated properly, …

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Diabetes Research

The worldwide epidemic of diabetes is an increasing threat to public health. Research on the risk factors associated with diabetes has an impact on prevention, treatment, and management of the disease. Because the biological and social consequences of diabetes differ between men and women, so might strategies for treatment and …

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