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Is Autism really an Epidemic

A Paper on Autism Theory: (Hypothetical) IN theory it is possible that Autism is becoming an epidemic but not in the sense one might suppose the word (Epidemic) to mean. For it is only of epidemic proportion to the child suffering with Autism. Of whom (having been labeled as such …

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Poetry as Therapy

The reality is that many people began careers in poetry as a way to deal with their messy, frustrated, or complex existences. There is no shame in this. In fact, a poetic meandering or two can be your best friend along the way to freeing yourself from feelings of depression, …

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Mood Charting

In the frazzled world today, it is very easy for us to bow down to being overworked, overtired, overstressed, overwhelmed, and just plain over the top. Mood charting is very similar to journaling, or keeping a diary. In mood charting, you not only make note of things you have done …

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Why we need to Forgive

Peace through forgiveness. Forgiving someone is hard. It takes real effort. Some soul searching. Some mirror gazing. Some introspection. But peace through forgiveness is within reach for all of us. What it boils down to is letting things go. Not holding grudges, not biding our time to get even, not …

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