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Mental Health

The People in Dreams

The people in dreams are actors that convey messages to the dreamer. They are often multi-dimensional because they are metaphors for multiple ideas. The mere appearance of a particular character can trigger distinct emotions and memories. Characters can also function as symbols of other people, revealing not only the identity of those …

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Anxiety Prevention

We have very little, if any, control over anxiety attacks. That is one of the things that makes them so frustrating to live with. There are ways to distract yourself from the rising panic and this might lessen the severity of an attack. At any rate, it will not hurt …

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Eating Disorders in Men

Eating disorders are commonly thought of as “the white girl’s disease.” However, as of late, its become more and more clear to the world that this is a misconception. Eating disorders, ranging from anorexia and bulimia to binge eating and pica, can affect men and women of every race. Out …

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Fear itself

You are sleeping peacefully and suddenly you start gasping and moaning. You scream and you can’t wake up for some reason. You’re horrified. You’re having a night terror. A night terror is a sleep disorder that occurs during the NREM, Non Rapid Eye Movement, stage of sleep. It’s almost impossible …

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Read about Bipolar Disorder

It’s not surprising there is large amount of on-line information about Bipolar. It affects a large segment of the population in one way or another, if affects those suffering from the condition, and those living with the sufferers. One site in particular, the Bipolar Significant Others devotes time and effort …

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Stress Stress Management

In today’s hectic, overscheduled, and demanding world, stress is hard to escape. It abounds not only in the workplace where ten to twelve hour work days (sometimes even longer) are becoming the norm, but also in our personal lives where expectations to balance our increasingly complicated work and home lives is becoming harder and harder. Fortunately, there are solutions. In the last …

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