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Mental Health

Steps to live in the moment

“Living for the moment” is a concept that many people strive to attain. It contains the idea of focusing on what is happening at present without undue concern for what has happened in the past or what may happen in the future. Freeing the self from concerns that are out …

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Aspergers Syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome: Disability or difference in ability? To answer this question it’s important that we really understand the nature of Asperger’s syndrome (AS). In my experience, people’s first reaction to the term is along the lines of “Oh that’s to do with autistic people isn’t it?” as if they’re all …

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What are best Mood Stabilizers

Bipolar affective disorder is a common and serious mental illness. This disease is characterized by profound episodes of depression alternating with episodes of mania. It is also referred to as “creative madness” by some. But most of the patients can lead a normal life by taking regular dose of mood stabilizer …

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Types of Social Anxiety Disorders

Social Anxiety Disorder/ Social Phobia Social Anxiety Disorder or social phobia (SAD) is a clinical condition that is characterized by intense, traumatizing discomfort due to overwhelming fear of being scrutinized and judged across social situations. Those with a SAD diagnosis may find it hard constantly being evaluated by others in …

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Is Avoidance

As a sufferer of panic attacks for years I can totally understand the fear that there is no life beyond them. But I have learned that there is life and it can be relatively free from Panic attacks. It also does not have to include medication. Many therapists can teach …

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Stress Reduction

Myths are a integral part of the human story. Mankind has used its abundance of creative brain power to perpetuate these myths for many millennia, and for a plethora of reasons. In ancient times, the creation of these myths were necessary to strike fear within the village dynamic – like …

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