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Ocd Treatment

A particularly rare form of OCD is called Pure-Obsessional OCD disorder. It is an OCD disorder that involves no physical compulsions. It exists only in the mind! A Pure-O sufferer is normally inflicted with what are called “spike” thoughts. These are thoughts that “spike” up in the mind, causing anxiety …

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Fight Depression Naturally

Sometimes, Life is about whether or not we dance to whatever music is playing, no matter how hard the steps. Every time I watch anything on TV, I see commercials trying to sell new drugs to treat depression. I believe that these may be necessary in the lives of many …

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Anxiety in Teens

Anxiety in Teens I walk into the room, my hands shaking, my heart exploding in my chest. I’m nervous and scared, I feel like turning and running. But, I can’t, it’s the first day of school and I have to be here. Just seeing the other students in the classroom …

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Being a person who likes to be out and about, there is nothing worse than being snowed in or otherwise being prevented from leaving my residence when I want or have to do so. Most people travel to work and/or go to other places when they desire to do so …

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