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A new way to look at being old

A new definition for old? Here’s a suggestion: When referring to someone well advanced in years why not just replace some of the obviously offending terms used with the more uplifting expressions already available. For starters, take a look at how older people think of themselves. Most people beyond the …

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Effective Treatment for Ptsd

Quick and effective, the Emotional Freedom Technique has given many Veterans relief from PTSD symptoms. Though not widely known, this drug-free, self-help technique has helped over 85% of Vets who’ve used it to resolve most or all of their symptoms. This treatment has been successful where drugs and other therapies …

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What does it mean to be Psychologically Fit

What does it mean to be psychologically fit? Throughout the years, famous psychologists have endeavored to answer this question including Sigmund Freud (psychosexual stages), Jean Piaget (Cognitive development theory), Emil Kraepelin (Classification of mental illness), and Howard Gardner (Theory of multiple intelligences). Several ways of determining if a person is …

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Major Clinical Depression – No

Can Hypnosis Relive Depression? I seriously doubt that this is possible. As someone who has suffered from clinical major depression for at least 30 years, I know that at least for me, my depression is a biochemical problem. My father also suffered from depression. For me, during the throes of …

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Symptoms of Chronic Depression

Feeling down or blue is a normal experience for everyone. But in normal people, these feelings usually don’t last long and your moods usually get back to normal within a couple of days. However, people with depression find it hard to deal with their feelings and moods in a way …

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