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Medical Issues

Living Gluten Free

We stood in the grocery store cereal aisle and my daughter had a look of delight as we perused the box covers to see gluten free marked on the General Mills box of Chex brand cereal. Her delight was mirrored by mine because she actually would get to choose one …

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Reputable Online Health Information

In the age of content farms and advertorial marketing, finding reputable online health information takes extra work. The first-page results from Google or Bing reflect paid ads more than true facts, and vendors have their own agendas when it comes to promoting their products. To find reputable health information you …

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Blaming Genetics

Don’t blame it on the genetics. The current subscription to the genetic factor and its implications on health are undeniably true and real. However the ease with which it has been given to assign blame for the health problems of varying degrees is the wrong tree to bark up. Current …

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Computer Gaming and Childhood Obesity

If you think that online games don’t have much effect on children, think again. It is estimated by the advertising industry that 75% of the websites which promote food and beverages include Internet games. These games make these sites more “sticky,” which means that they encourage the visitors to “stick” …

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Learning about Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety can be a terrifying word, especially for those who suffer from it. Most people do experience some form of anxiety throughout their lives; but a few will experience it on a level that can be paralyzing. Anxiety Disorders aren’t a well understood mental illness. We can understand and even …

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