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Medical Issues

Mitch Daniels on Obamacare

Mitch Daniels sounds off on health care bill Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has spoken out recently on several occasions about the effects of federal health care legislation on states’ economies, and on the effectiveness of consumer-driven health care, such as under programs in effect in Indiana. Daniels signed landmark health …

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Nurse Practitioner

Because doctors make a lot more money when they go into specialties, such as proctology, urology or even plastic surgery, there are fewer and fewer general practitioners, which means more wait times, and less attention when you do finally get in to see the doctor. And the net result of …

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Childhood Obesity Solutions

Childhood obesity is the most important epidemiological issue facing the United States Health System. About nine million children ages six and older are obese in the U.S. (Institute of Medicine, 2004). It affects both boys and girls of all ages, races, and ethnic groups. Overall, obesity is on the rise, …

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Causes of Breast Pain

A common problem that many women experience is breast pain. This may be something that they experience on a regular basis or may be a one off experience. This pain may cause a woman to be concerned. However, there are several different causes of breast pain, many of which are …

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