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Medical Issues

What causes Yellow Stools

There are some multiple reasons for why a person may have yellow stools. This article will give just a general overview of the most common reasons for this happening. When a person is suffering from alcoholic liver disease, this may cause pale or yellow stool color. Alcoholic liver disease results …

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Having a Blood Sample

Venepuncture can be defined as the use of a needle to enter a vein in order to collect a venous blood sample for medical purposes. There are two mains reason for which a medical professional would undertake this practice. 1.In order to obtain a blood sample for the use in …

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Uncertain Answers from Interphone Study

An embargoed press release from the World Health Organization (WHO) on the INTERPHONE study was prematurely released by British media in order to spin the story to sensationalism with some of the more poignant and questionable findings. Despite headlines touting that the agency found 30 minutes of cell phone use …

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Wrong Diagnosis by Doctors – No

I would love to think doctors can be fully trusted. However, 30 years’ treatment for a chronic condition proves otherwise. My most recent excursion to the hospital only reinforced this belief. With a fever inching toward 104 degrees F. and my regular doctor out of the office, I was pretty …

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Health Care Reform and Lobbyist

Since 1990 and projected into 2010, Democrats and Republicans have received in contributions from the health caresector a total of 829.9 million dollars. The Republicans receive 111.1 million more than they receive the Democrats (according to Diagnosis: Reform, Capital eye blog at opensecrets.org). Republicans avg. 23 million per year while …

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Become an Organ Donor

There are very few people in society who, if they needed a heart transplant to live, would not readily accept the gift of a heart from another person. There are even fewer of us who, if our child needed a heart transplant in order to live, would not readily accept …

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