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Medical Issues

When to consider Hospice Care

If a terminal illness afflicts a family member, it is the most distressing and heart destroying time. The last thing you want to even consider at these times is the thought of the person being separated from you and from their home. Hospice care sounds so final and somehow our …

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Smoking and Hospital Grounds

At this writing, most hospitals and medical facilities in the United States have banned smoking anywhere on the grounds. Employees and visitors alike are required to vacate the entire property if they choose to light up. This of course involves either a great deal of walking, particularly if the complex …

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Diet Success Stories

The last diet I ever went on was The Phen-fen diet pill craze and I spent several years believing it was going to claim me as one of its victims, since several months after I had taken the drugs I had a sudden onset of shortness of breath on extertion. …

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What can cause Dizziness

Dizziness can occur in people for a large number of different physical reasons. My article will give just an overview on some of these. A sudden drop in blood pressure, known as hypotension can be brought on by certain heart diseases, blood pressure lowering medications, and internal bleeding somewhere. Bouts …

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Fatal Familial Insomnia

Insomnia effects nearly every person at least one time during their life, but eventually exhaustion sets in and sleep prevails. There is one specific disorder that does not respond to the body’s desire to sleep and that is fatal familial insomnia. This is disease that scientists have coined a prion …

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