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There cannot be an Absence of Danger

“Danger Will Robinson! Danger” The famous phrase from “Lost In Space.” What is danger anyway? The exposure to pain, harm that can come to a person are a couple of definitions. Danger is often referred to as that which could happen, but might not happen. Danger means that there is …

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Sex can Cure Headaches

“I’m sorry I can’t tonight I have a headache.” A phrase that happens to be the brunt of many jokes, and usually refers to the wife who doesn’t want to have sex. If the truth be told, then we would find that sex actually is very good in helping to …

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Mysterious Dreams

Yes. I went through a period of about 10 years of extraordinarily vivid and weird dreams in my late thirties; they were so clear and so odd that I started keeping a dream journal, which helped me to play around with what they might mean. You may ask why I …

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Ways to Relieve Bloating

A person who suffers from bloating, typically brought on by a build-up of intestinal or abdominal gas, fully understands the uncomfortable feelings associated with bloating, the fatigue that often accompanies it, and also the occasional and very embarrassing situation that may ensue without much warning. Occasional bloating most often occurs …

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Tension Headache Symptoms and Treatment

Tension headaches are very common, and are usually attributed to stress or poor posture. However, other contributing factors include problems with eyesight and looking at a VDU (Visual Display Unit, i.e. TV or computer monitor) for too long. These headaches are characterised by a throbbing in the back of the …

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Dealing with Neck Pain

Have you ever awakened in the morning to suddenly find that you can’t move? Well you can move other parts of your body but you can’t seem to move your head or neck and this is the part of your body that needs to move first before the rest of …

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