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How to Assess Mental Status of Patients

Is there an easy way to assess the mental status of patients? No, at times this can be quite complex, as well as problematic. How to assess the mental status of patients is something that all health care professionals and non-professionals wrestle with as they attempt to diagnose, treat or …

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How to Avoid Altitude Sickness

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you think of altitude sickness is flying in a plane but there are so many other ways that this type of sickness can affect your body. Skiing the alps and mountain climbing is two of these. Altitude sickness is caused when …

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Menopausal and Post Menopausal Hair Loss

The changes that menopause and post menopause brings is a significant time in a woman’s life. Many aspects of her life start to transform; physically, mentally and emotionally. When hair loss is added to that equation, it can be increasingly difficult. It is said that a woman’s hair is her …

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Qualifications of a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are fitness professionals who guide clients on their pathway to an active, healthy lifestyle. Not only do they supervise exercise routines. Personal trainers access their clients beforehand in order to map out the best plan for them to reach their fitness goals. They also demonstrate correct exercise technique …

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Qualifications of a Psychologist

Choosing to become a psychologist is both rewarding and exhausting. This is because of the fact that the preparation process (course of study) is so consuming and demands your dedication too. However choosing to become psychologist as a career is definitely an exciting path to take. If you are planning …

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Back Pain Management Tips

If you suffer from back pain, then you are far from alone. Many suffer from this debilitating condition. If you have pain, then the first thing to do is to consult your physician or a specialist. It may be something that requires surgery, physical therapy or other more intensive care. …

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