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What to Expect in a Medical Research Trial

Researchers have different methods of selecting candidates for participation in clinical research trials. If they require healthy individuals to test the effects of a drug then they are usually selected from members of the public who have volunteered their services. If the drug needs to be tested on those who …

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Qualifications of a Life Coach

The idea that you are drawn to the pursuit of this laudable practice is great. But when it comes to qualifications the jury is still out. You can take related college courses and you can pick up a certificate at a 2-day seminar. However, life coaching has come from being …

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Types of Bathroom Scales

With the obesity epidemic reaching huge proportions many are stepping up to the scales ,and many companies are bringing them in mass to the public. This leaving many with the question which one is the right scale for me. This is a very important decision as not all scales are …

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Health and Donating Blood

Donating blood means saving a life, or maybe even a few lives. It also means that you can become healthier, and in the long run be saving your own life as well. It’s true, donating blood has a few healthy factors to take into account, and is slowly but surely, …

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Microwave Oven

The microwave is for many a must/essential part of their life. With busy lifestyles and a tight budget many of us do not realise how much we can harm our health by using microwave ovens. Microwave ovens are perhaps popular as many of us like them for their convenience. They …

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