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How to Stay Young and Youthful

You don’t need to pack your bags and move to Montepulciano, Italy to stay youthful. While searching for the fountain of youth, you may find options for staying young close to home. Youthfulness starts from within. People who exude youthfulness combine healthy thinking and lifestyle choices. Youthful adults have many …

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Facts about Ocular Migraines

Ocular migraines normally occur during or after other types of migraines. Ocular migraines affect 1 out of every 200 individuals and each person can experience a variety of symptoms that are unique to their own condition. It is believed that ocular migraines are caused by spasms in blood vessels in …

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Anabolic Steroids Verses Prescription Testosterone

An athlete taking anabolic steroids is a cheater and can be prosecuted for a felony. But what’s the big deal? Physicians prescribe testosterone to non-athletes. Aren’t athletes entitled to the same quality health care? Good questions! Natural testosterone and performance-enhancing drugs both help build muscle and stamina but differ in …

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Tension Headaches

There are many people who suffer from tension headaches. Many may confuse a tension headache with migraine headaches. The two are not the same. Tension headaches can be very painful and unbearable. There are methods that you can try to prevent the tension headaches from occurring and there are methods …

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Ocular Migraines

Ocular migraines are rare affecting only 1 in 200 people that sufferer from chronic migraines. Ocular migraines are also referred to as retinal, ophthalmic, or monocular migraines. Ocular migraines cause vision loss or blindness, in one eye only, that last less than an hour. A migraine typically accompanies or follows …

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