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First Aid

Step to Lessen Burn Scars

Burns hurt a lot. Thankfully though, our brain has the capacity to lull the pain out and trick us into not remembering the trauma. For minor burns, give it a few hours and some over the counter pain relievers and you wouldn’t even feel the pain. A slight discomfort will …

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First Aid for an Epileptic Fit

Epilepsy can be an extremely debilitating disease, but many epileptics manage to live normal lives and rarely have a fit. Occasionally however an epileptic may find himself or herself in the unfortunate position of having an epileptic fit in a public place with no one around to help him. Epilepsy …

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How to Treat Minor Cuts

Minor cuts are a common injury both amongst children and adults. They usually cause little problem unless they get infected it is therefore important to know how to treat them correctly to avoid infection occurring. Cuts or to give them their proper medical term “lacerations” occur when the skin is …

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Bone Fractures Diagnosis and Treatment

A bone fracture is simply when a bone is broken. Bone fractures are sometimes hard to recognize; others are quite obvious. There are some important things you should know about rendering first aid for a bone fracture. Your first priority is to seek immediate medical help and control any bleeding. …

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How to Heal your Sunburn

Sunburns are often very painful, especially the deeper the burns. They are caused when you spend too much time in the sun’s harmful UV rays and don’t apply enough sunscreen. The sun can also put a person at risk for the development of melanoma, a very serious skin cancer. This …

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How to Treat Aching Legs

Treating leg aches can be difficult. They will happen to everyone at some point in their life. You can have some ache and pain in your legs if you sit too long or workout too much. You can also fall and hurt a muscle in your leg. If leg aches …

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