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First Aid

Best Insect Bitesting Itch Relievers

Along with the warm summer weather and lazy days comes the aggravation of the flying and creeping insects that can turn our pleasant outdoor experience to misery. Even after all of the preparation to prevent bites and stings, we can still find ourselves feeling like the main course at a …

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First Aid Treatments for Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia is a potentially life threatening condition caused by elevated body temperatures. Without immediate treatment stroke or death can occur. Hyperthermia is most often associated with summer heat. When the internal body temperatures rises above 98.6 degrees it begins to put stress on the body. This is why Hyperthermia is …

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How to Rescue a Drowning Victim

According to the World Health Organisation, drowning is the tenth leading cause of death among adults 15-45 years of age and the fourth in young children. When most people think of drowning, they imagine a lone figure struggling in the ocean, although this scenario is common, an individual can drown in …

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How to Treat Insect Bites

Treating insect bites really all depends on which insect the bite was from. So what I will do in this article, is give general first aid tips for the most common reactions to insect bites. When a person is reacting to an insect bite, this is because of the venom …

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Treatments for Heat Rash

High temperatures, humidity and sun exposure can all result in a heat rash commonly referred to as prickly heat, or by its medical name of miliaria. It presents as an irritating rash, often appearing as tiny clear blisters or red spots, which can be maddeningly itchy. Luckily it isn’t a …

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First Aid for Choking

An estimated 2,800 people die each year due to choking. Choking occurs when any part of the airway is blocked. The airway consists of the throat (pharynx), the voice box (larynx), the windpipe (trachea), and the air passages that lead to the lungs. At some point nearly everyone has some …

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