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How to Treat Sunburn

There can’t be many of us who haven’t suffered from sunburn at some stage during our lives. When we’re outside enjoying ourselves, playing sports, or bike riding perhaps, we may not bother with applying sunscreen and we’re often not aware we’re burning until it’s too late. Anyone spending time in …

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First Aid for a Wrist Sprain

A sprain is classified as damage or bruising to soft tissue of a surrounding area. This can include, but is not limited to the tendons, which connect muscle to bone; the muscles themselves, ligaments, which connect two or more bones together, or a combination of one or more of these. …

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First Aid Tips for a Frozen Shoulder

What is frozen shoulder? Frozen shoulder is a condition in which the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint becomes thicker and less flexible and thus limits the movements and range of motion of the said joint with increasing pain with any attempts at performing movements beyond its restricted range. In medical …

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How to Assemble a Farm first Aid Kit

Farms have proven to be one of the hazardous professions, producing various amounts of injuries and deadly conditions that can prove to be fatal. They are seen in emergency room, all year round, throughout the country. Farmers are required to work in all kinds of conditions during the whole day …

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Snake Bite

There are four main types of poisonous snakes to watch out for in the USA and Canada: copperheads, coral snakes, cottonmouths, and a variety of rattlesnakes. Most bites happen in the summer months, in grassy or rocky environments. Of the approximately 9,000 bites per year, only 25 percent of the …

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How to Recognize a Bee Sting

Bee sting is a common outdoor hazard many of us may encounter at some point in time. Although many of these events would be mild in nature and will only give discomfort for few hours or days, for certain other individuals the bee sting can give rise to a much …

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