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Ideas for exercising in the fall

The long, warm days of summer have given way to autumn’s crisp air and dwindling daylight hours. Walking nine holes after work is on longer an option. Cycling in the park is relegated to weekend jaunts on crowded pathways. Softball and baseball fields become vacant. The decline in exercise coincides …

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Joseph Pilates: His impact on fitness

Millions of people across the globe practice Pilates exercise. The entire regime is the result of the work of one man, Joseph Humbertus Pilates. At the age of 32, Joseph Pilates left his native country of Germany to live in England. He became an accomplished circus performer, a self-defence instructor, and …

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Postural Imbalances and Exercise

Growing up as a female teenager much taller than my peers, especially the boys, I developed a very un-natural posture. Over the years, I have learned that I am not the only one who has this problem. Many Americans spend the workday behind a desk, causing exaggerated spinal curves that …

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