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Fun Fitness Tips for Kids

Kids in America are getting heavier and heavier, and with summer time approaching, there is no better time than now to get kids away from their games and televisions, and get them moving. There are many easy and fun ideas to keep kids fit. Try going to your local pool. …

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Winter Exercising Benefits

The one season of the year when nearly all of us take a pass on outdoor exercise is the winter. Having spent the summer and some of autumn getting fitter we use the fall as a time to hibernate. Something ingrained in our prehistoric selves makes us just to want …

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Exercises for People in Pain

When you’re in pain, the last thing you want to think about doing is exercising, but getting up and moving can be one of the methods for pain relief. Whether you have specific joint pains or a general all-over ache, you too, can benefit from low-impact to moderate exercise. The …

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Chair Yoga for Seniors Back Vinyasa

A ‘vinyasa’ flow or sequence is a series of movements timed to the rhythmic flow of your breathing. In Yoga, the connection between the mind and the body has always been found through following ones breath – this is basic Hatha Yoga, nothing new. However, the term ‘vinyasa’ has, in …

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Quick Home Workouts

Working out at home can add some spice to your regular gym exercise routine. But wai!. You don’t have weights, machines, mats, a water cooler, and piped-in music at home. It doesn’t matter. The following workouts can be done without exercise equipment. Or you can add hand weights, an exercise …

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Turkey Trot 5k

The phenomenon that is widely known in the running community as the Turkey Trot, has expanded to cover not only Thanksgiving day, but the weekend before Thanksgiving, the day after, the weekend after, and basically any day relatively close to Thanksgiving. Typically, Thanksgiving marks entry into an excessively food filled …

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