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Do less Exercise for Explosive Results

Every gym has them: die-hards who seem to live, eat, and drink in the free weight room. After a while you recognize their faces. Just how many hours do they spend pumping iron? Such fitness zealots might cause you to second-guess your own routine. If these die-hards workout for, say, …

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How to Recognize Signs of Obesity

It is unnecessary for people to point out to someone the fact that they are carrying a little bit too much weight since obese individuals are often all too aware of this fact, and yet there are plenty of people insensitive enough to draw attention to an issue which many …

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Family Fun Activities

Searching for fun ways to keep your family active and healthy is a learning experience as well as enjoyable time spent together. Summer is almost over. Fall is approaching. This is a wonderful time to spend together doing activities’ outdoors. The cool weather is approaching, no better time to gather …

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Losing Weight on your own

You do not need to pay for an expensive gym membership in order to lose weight. A gym may have exercise equipment and classes that you can utilize but it is certainly possible to lose weight on your own. Many people enthusiastically sign up to join a gym only to …

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Bone Strength through Exercise

When I was only 32 I was diagnosed with Osteopenia, a condition that precedes Osteoporosis. This is a very young age to have such a condition, and so my doctor put me on Calcium supplements, and on my own I started to research bone health. Through the last 11 years, …

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Yoga Dancer Pose

The Yoga Dancer pose is both an aesthetic step that is incorporated into Indian classical dance styles. But in addition to being an aesthetic looking step, it is also a yoga pose that has many benefits for a person who does it, for the sake of exercise. So even if …

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