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Drinks to Avoid on a Diet

When trying to lose weight you probably try to make your diet healthier, and might not even think about drinks at all. Drinks aren’t food, are they? However, drinks can be at least as fattening as unhealthy treats and sometimes more so. Ones to avoid in particular when on a …

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How to Break the Weight Loss Plateau

If you are not seeing the expected weight lost and you find yourself dreading that weekly weigh-in, help is on the way. Every dieter eventually faces a weight-loss plateau. It happens to even the most diligent dieters: at some point, the scale refuses to budge. Whether it’s due to what …

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Obesity Wrecks Childrens Lives

Physicians today are alarmed at the increasing amounts of obesity, especially among children. Type I diabetes is the most common type diabetes among children and type II diabetes was mainly the disease of adults, until recently. Now children 10 and older are also being diagnosed with type II diabetes. While …

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Why Weight Loss can Boost your Confidence

Weight loss can dramatically boost your confidence for two reasons. You gain confidence because you are fitter and healthier and because you are more attractive. By losing weight you will become slimmer, weigh less, be able to move quicker, more easily and without getting so tired or exhausted. You will …

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Why People get Fat

Obesity is on the rise, particularly in the West, because the majority of people no longer have physically demanding jobs, but at the same time are consuming a greater number of calories. If individuals fail to burn all of the calories they put into their bodies over a period of …

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Health Benefits of Avocado

Although avocado’s are often mistakenly called a vegetable, they are actually a fruit just like the tomato. Growing on trees reaching nearly 80 feet tall avocados are a favorite treat of many. There are several varieties of avocado available at the grocer. They can be smooth or scaly and vary …

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